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WantedDesign Schools online Workshop 202
French-American Online Design Schools Workshop 
Pandemic Emergency Creative Task Force 

Co-led by Sophie Larger of ENSAD and Allan Chochinov director, SVA Products of Design 
The  French-American  Online  Design  Schools  Workshop  is  a  collaborative  workshop  in  which teams will be created with mixed groups of students. The main “studio” will be in homes,  studios,  and  from  the  safety  of  where  students  have  been  sheltering.  Students  must do design from where they are, with whatever they have at hand.  
The final public presentation will take place Friday May 29th, 12pm ET online.  
French and American schools will participate collaboratively and synchronously online over 3 days, in teams of three selected students (11 teams, for a total of 33 students). The goal is to open a dialog between the students from both sides of the Atlantic and with different backgrounds. Therefore, the teams will include students from different schools. 
Each team will have a Faculty advisor/referee. 
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